Anxiety: I have a heart disease

Anxiety: I have a “heart disease”

“Swallowing” anxiety in the sea of questions. Narrator 1: Xiaoyan (a senior in high school). In fact, I have always been particularly stressed.

When I was in high school, I paid high tuition because of a grade difference. In high school, I learned one or two points every night. From high school, I started a tense life like others in high school. I didn’t want to get into college.Add light to your parents?
  My parents attach great importance to my college entrance examination, but try not to show it.
They also often decompressed me and said, “Don’t be so nervous, what kind of test can be considered”, but I can see the father’s rapidly increasing white hair and mother’s anxious expression in the past six months. The important thing is not theirs.What I said, I knew everything from their actions.
None of them have much culture, and they are waiting for me to enter the university to shine the gate. I understand that.
Even I felt that their expectations seemed to become my expectations, and I even forgot that this was my expectation, and it was all their request.
In this way, can the pressure be small?
  This anxiety was also brought to school by me.
I once saw a teacher who was very good to me and joked to me: “Don’t be so nervous, you will be admitted to Peking University anyway!
“Is this encouragement or pressure?
Instead, I experienced a kind of stress, just like the pressure that my parents gave me.
In fact, people are just joking. Is it because my parents have planted the seeds of expectations in my heart?
  This pressure also made my body worse, which led to my unstable performance. During several model tests, my grades fluctuated, and I was extremely anxious and powerless.
Later, I started to fail to learn again. I originally planned to read the book several times, but I was in a daze when I picked it up. I knew in my heart that now is a very important part of the exam, but I couldn’t control myself.
  My parents were also very anxious and took me to talk to the teacher. The teacher said that it is impossible to learn anything now, let me do a lot of questions, improve the sense of questions, and do not ask too much of myself.
After returning, my mood was much smoother, and even the teacher saw that I was stressed and wanted to decompress.
  So I started putting down the book and doing a lot of questions.
Students may have the same feeling: when they ca n’t read the book a few months before the test, they are actually venting their anxiety.
You think, I’m not stupid. Doing a question is a kind of labor that can be done in an assembly line without much thought. I can vent the restlessness in my mind by doing the question quickly.
Every time I finish a set of questions, and even later, every time I finish a question, I have a joy like victory.
It stands to reason that this is a sea of tactics, and it is not relevant to quality education, but I can no longer voluntarily educate myself because I am too anxious.
  I gradually recovered from the crooked condition, and there were more smiles on my face.
I think that the senior year is a rare lesson in life. I have learned a lot from my senior year life.
  Narrator: Xiaoyan is a candidate who will take the college entrance examination next year. From her, we can see that many candidates face the same problem: family and environment.
  Expert analysis: Where does Xiao Xiaoyan’s pressure come from?
Maybe a big part comes from parents and teachers.
The high expectations of parents and the excessive “trust” of teachers all put a lot of pressure on Xiaoyan.
  Xiaoyan has a problem, that is, the boundary is unclear, the boundary between herself and others cannot be distinguished, and the expectations of others are always her goals.
Since she was a child, her parents have paid too much attention to her studies because of her complex (not in college), and Xiaoyan is an obedient and obedient child, “swallowing” her parents’ expectations, so that her expectations become her own pressure.
  Xiaoyan also has her own successful experience, which is to do the questions when you are anxious before the exam.
At this time, doing the question has not only the meaning of review, but also the meaning of venting anxiety.
By doing the problem, Xiaoyan can experience a sense of conquest and victory, and most importantly, a sense of autonomy and control. Xiaoyan can control and arrange the amount and speed of her own problem, thus symbolically not being used by her parents.Expect to be controlled.
  There is no simple mind. Narrator 2: Xiaoli (a senior in high school). When I was in the college entrance examination last year, I was not particularly nervous, even with a mentality of “I can’t pass the exam if I can’t get it.”
You might say, isn’t it good not to be nervous?
But my God, I’m not nervous, but my helplessness in the previous few college entrance exams has been declining.
  In fact, the college entrance examination requires a spirit of breaking the boat, and sometimes you can’t leave yourself too much back road.
After entering another senior year, I have no retreat. I will not be able to pass the exam again this year. I will not have the courage to repeat it. I must fight.
But I still have some advantages. I have a lively and cheerful personality, and I get along well with my classmates and teachers. You would think that I have a lot of psychological pressure. It is time to “study hard”. In fact, a large part of my stress is resolved by my classmates and teachers.This is me. I can stand the failure, but I can’t fight it. When I come back, I still have plenty of oxidants.

I did n’t feel nervous last year because I already knew that I could n’t get into the ideal university. It was useless to be nervous, it was better not to be nervous.

  Actually, I didn’t have much thoughts this year. My idea is still that simple.

I know that after a year of hard work, as long as I adjust my mentality, I should be able to pass the exam.

However, adjusting your mentality is not to say that you didn’t pass the exam last year, and how you will sleep and forget this year.

I have always felt that the college entrance examination is not something you can use to spend all your time studying. In fact, you don’t necessarily learn better than others when you learn one or two at night.

Of course, smartness is not enough. I think it is important to adjust the proportion of study and entertainment.

You may think that there is a senior year, and there is entertainment?

But really, I play table tennis, run, and go on stage to perform shows for my classmates during the holiday season. People who do n’t understand the situation must not see that I am a repeat student.

I admire myself for this.

  People will not grow up without experiencing setbacks. My college entrance examination last year and my repeat life this year have given me a lot of valuable wealth.

  The same question will have different effects in different environments and situations, isn’t it?

  Expert analysis: Xiaoli has a tendency to shrink back in the face of difficulties, so she once gave up.

But her advantage is that once she really wants to take the exam, part of the difficulty is not heavy in her heart, she is still happy.

  Xiaoli’s successful experience is that because of good interpersonal relationships, she is good at letting others help herself resolve stress, so she can release the stress and not cause her own psychological problems.

  Her other experience is to adjust the proportion of learning and entertainment.

Some students may feel that they are still unable to learn in the third year of high school. Why talk about entertainment?

But Xiaoli didn’t think so. Her high school senior was like a high school senior and full of youth.

We know that the college entrance examination spells not only the study time, but also the psychological quality.

After Xiaoli failed a college entrance examination, she can make a comeback again, which can not but be attributed to her good psychological quality and ability to resolve stress.

  When love turns into motivation . describe person three: Xiao Gang (high school student) fell in love with that girl last semester. I originally thought that I had a good concentration, but on the issue of love, I did not expect me to be a novelThe characters in it are so deep.

  During a physical education class, I had to rest at home because of a broken leg.

That girl’s house is very close to my house. I often come to my house to help me with my homework. After a few weeks, I find that I can’t live without her.

She is a kind and good-natured girl, even if I know how I like her.

Then my legs got better. After going to school, I always looked for a chance to approach her, and she always avoided me.

  So, I wanted to shift my focus to learning. After all, it wasn’t high school when I was in high school.

But I found that the “right” in the class gradually increased.

Isn’t the pressure of studying in the senior year so high that everyone wants to find a chance to relax?

Seeing them go in and out of pairs, I was also very jealous. Besides, I’m not a girl who I don’t like, why can’t I?

After several trades, I ate “closed door”.

Does she dislike me, or does she want to focus on learning?

I don’t know the actual situation. I only guess blindly. The more I guess, the more impatient I am, and my grades start to drift.

This caught the attention of parents and teachers.

Soon, they knew my secret.

  Next came bitter counsel.

In fact, I understand the reason. I want to break this idea, but I can’t help myself.

So I told my parents about this idea.

My parents took me to see a psychologist.

The psychiatrist advised me not to feel bad about myself. It is not wrong to like myself. It is quite normal to like the opposite sex at this age.

My problem is not that I like her, but that I am always fantasizing with her, but I am unrequited, but I have not talked to her openly, and then I think that I “should focus on my studies and suppress myselfNormal feelings cause psychological conflict, and this psychological conflict is the real reason for my gradual progress.  When I went back, I called up the courage and found the girl.

She finally said that she polished my mind, but she was afraid that I would affect my grades and future for her. Besides, she did n’t want to fall in love now. She said that we still lacked a true understanding.
  Now, steady and rising results make everyone happy.

Actually, I have to thank that girl, whether she can be contacted in the future, but at least for now, she has given me motivation.

  Parents have experienced this incident much better, and they now accept that we like this incident with each other, and no longer open their mouths and shut their mouths “can’t love early”.

In fact, what is lacking in this kind of thing is acceptance. What I ask for is nothing but acceptance.

  Expert analysis: The tension in the senior year made many students seek comfort from love. We can often find that in the senior year, the number of “right and right” began to increase.

Xiao Gang’s problem is not that he also wants to be a confidant, but that he is not influenced by his parents, so that he does not accept the idea of himself, thus closing up unrequited love and fantasy.

  As a result, Xiao Gang wanted to get close to the girl and replace it, and he felt that he should focus on learning and form a psychological conflict.

The solution to psychological conflict is not to “forget her,” or to accept that you like her, after all, “like innocence.”

  Xiao Gang’s successful experience is that he does not refuse to ask for help. He sees a psychiatrist is a very healthy way. After seeing the doctor, he can follow the doctor’s instructions to resolve his psychological conflicts.

  In fact, in the case of falling in love in the senior year of high school, if the parents and the environment accept more, the child will have less stress.