Can’t I wear contact lenses on a hazy day?

Can’t I wear contact lenses on a hazy day?

Can’t wear contact lenses on haze days? “Do not wear contact lenses on haze days, it will adsorb a lot of particles.”

Recently, through continuous haze days, similar prompts have been circulating on the Internet.

Can smog wear contact lenses?

Experts said that in fact, it is not so evil on the Internet. Most of the contact lenses are soft lenses that penetrate through the diameter, which can completely cover the cornea.

Wear contact lenses on haze days, pay attention to cleaning the lenses.

Merchants: Try not to wear contact lenses on hazy days. There is some saying online about wearing contact lenses on haze days.

One is that contact lenses are like a “vacuum cleaner” that absorbs a lot of fine particles and chemicals in the haze.

The other is that when the air pressure is low in haze days, wearing contact lenses will aggravate the corneal hypoxia and easily cause corneal damage.

It is also said that after the contact lens is aligned, the lens slides on the cornea of the eye and becomes fine particles and unknown substances in the haze brought between the lens and the eyeball, which may cause discomfort.

In the process, Bausch & Lomb’s customer service staff weighed the material of the contact lens, which was not so easy to adsorb fine particles of air, and the major occurrence was mainly related to eye habits.

However, she still recommends wearing them as little as possible during foggy and windy days.

Haichang company product line staff suggested that in severe haze days, it is best to use daily disposable contact lenses, because daily disposable oxygen permeability is better.

The particles and dust in the haze will be adsorbed to the lens to some extent, but not to the eyes, shorten the prolonged time, and pay attention to cleaning.

Expert: The lens completely covers the corneal particles, which may be as small as the small particles in the haze. Experts say that contact lenses are currently mostly used with soft lenses. The large lens diameter can completely cover the cornea, and the activity is relatively small.Small particles can get very small into the eye.

However, in the case of RGP (rigid high oxygen permeability lenses), the diameter is small, the activity is large, the tear fluid exchange under the lens is large, and small particles in the air or tear fluid may cause foreign body sensation. Remove and rinse before wearing.

Experts said that the discomfort of wearing contact lenses is mainly different from person to person. Regardless of whether it is a hazy day, you should pay more attention to cleaning when wearing contact lenses.