How men can nourish kidneys at all ages

How men can nourish kidneys at all ages

The kidney is congenital. It can not only accept the essence gas transferred by other viscera and implant it for storage, but also transport the essence gas to other viscera, so-called “born innate, acquired innate”.

The relationship between the rise and fall of kidney qi and the growth and prosperity of the human body, and the decline of the decline, so the kidney can prolong life, but the kidney must also be divided into different ages to obtain better results.

  Forty kidney and nourishing yin.

  ”Su Wen” mentioned that “forty years old, and yin qi since half, living stagnation”, then at the age of 40, kidney deficiency and yin deficiency began to decrease, and kidney and yin should be added.

  At this point, the essence and blood are deficient, and the fire is easy to endogenous. There are five symptoms of upset fever, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, dreams, and yellow and dry stools. It is often necessary to pay less to eat spicy and hot food., Mulberry, Yuzhu, black sesame and other food for nourishing yin.

  More than half the age of baizi water culvert.

  At the age of fifty, liver qi started to fail.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver and kidney are homologous.

Liver belongs to wood, while kidney belongs to water. Zishui Hanmu is to nourish liver yin by nourishing kidney yin and restrain liver yang.

  Shouwu pill, wolfberry decoction, mulberry cream and other liver and kidney can be used, can nourish blood and spermatozoa, smart ears and eyesight, especially suitable for deaf-eyed people.

  In the year of Hua Jia, water and fire help each other.

  At the age of sixty, his heart began to decline.

The heart belongs to fire, and the kidney belongs to water.

Under normal circumstances, water and fire help each other, that is, kidney water helps the heart, preventing heart fire from hurting the heart yin, and heart fire falling to the kidney, does not cause kidney water to flood and suppress yang.

  If the heart fire cannot warm the kidney water, and the kidney water can’t relieve the heart fire, it will be easy to get hot and cold, that is, some of them show irritability in the heart, dry tongue, but lower limbs also show cold, tenderness, etcPeople who are irritated by water and fire are also prone to illness and sudden aging.

  Therefore, the 60-year-old should pay attention to nourishing the kidney and nourishing the heart. For example, Baiziren Pills can nourish the heart and kidneys and stay in the face for a long time.

  Seventy Bushen soil.

  Seventy years old, with a weak temper.

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. The spleen can also play an important role in the aging process of the human body.

“Angu is Chang, but Jegu is dead.” It means that the spleen and stomach function is good, and you can only be healthy after eating.

  The spleen and stomach are weak and cannot be absorbed. The distribution of nutrients means that the day after tomorrow cannot nourish the innate, which can cause nephron weakness and accelerate aging.

The spleen is soil, and the soil can hold water, so the 70-year-old should nourish the kidney and cultivate the soil, and can take Qiongyu ointment, Dafuling pills, and so on.

  Eighty nourish the kidney and lungs.

  At the age of eighty, his lungs were weak, and his spirit was divorced.

This means that at the age of 80, the lungs begin to decline, and the elderly are prone to say wrong things.

  One of the important characteristics of lung Qi failure is that the gas is not enough. When it shows movement, it is asthma, breathing is quicker, and it is easy to cough.

The lungs are gold, and the water is strong. The lungs can also strengthen the kidneys.

At this time, you can use the method of nourishing the kidney and nourishing the lungs, such as wolfberry nourishing the kidney and nourishing the lungs, yam, nourishing the lungs and strengthening the kidneys, schisandra tonifying the kidney and nourishing qi, regenerating the lungs and relieving the cough, and nourishing the spleen and strengthening the lungs.

  In addition to age, Chinese medicine believes that the kidney meridian is the most prosperous (from 17:00 to 19:00) and enters the sorting of Tibetan essence. At this time, tonic may be more effective.

What needs to be reminded is that blindly invigorating the kidney is likely to cause serious consequences. If you suspect that your kidney is deficient, you should go to the hospital’s TCM department for treatment.