Indian fitness coach recommends 10 moves to fight sedentary

Indian fitness coach recommends 10 moves to fight sedentary

The “India Times” published an article on “Side Exercises” recommended by Indian fitness coach Lena Mog, which can effectively increase the amount of physical activity of office workers, reduce wrist aches, backaches, and arm stiffness.


Straighten your left arm forward and palm up.

Grab the fingers of your left hand with your right hand, slowly press down 10 times, and then repeat the same action on the other side.


Raise the unilateral spindle as much as possible, hold it for 5 seconds, then relax, repeat 10 times, alternately.

  3.Press the arm.

Lean back on the seat, place the back on the back, and then do a crouching movement up and down, which can effectively stretch the triceps.


Stabilize the furniture or wall with your hands and do push-ups.

  5.make a fist.

Clenched your fist first, then tilt your fingers, then clenched.

Tighten and relax your hand muscles.


Fill the mineral water bottle with water, insert dumbbells, and use it to perform exercises such as flat lifting, side flat lifting or elbow lifting.


Sit in a chair, turn your body upward, exhale slowly, hold it for 10 seconds, return to its original position, and then turn your body to the other side.

  8.Raise your arm.

The Democrats held their fingers backwards.

Lift your weight as much as possible, hold it for 10 seconds, then relax and practice 5?
10 times.

  9.Stretch out.

Sitting on a chair, your body slowly bends forward, your head slowly lowers, and you exhale.

Hold the posture for 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

  10.Pull your feet.

Sitting on a chair, one leg was trying to be stretched straight forward, holding a long towel apart, covering the stretched leg with a towel, pulling back 5 times, relaxing, and repeating the movement on the other side.