NG bad habits to maintain jelly-like skin_1

NG bad habits to maintain jelly-like skin

The good skin that has always been proud of has a little bit of obvious pores!

Do you know the reason for the enlarged pores?
!First ask if your own maintenance is ok?
In fact, the wrong beauty method is the main cause of pores. If you want smooth skin like poached eggs, you must correct your bad NG habits!
8 bad skin care habits that damage pores. X1, a bad habit of squeezing acne, and one that doesn’t stop when you squeeze.
  X2, use oil-absorbent paper to suck the oil on the face when the oil comes out.
  X3. Feeling that you will become fat, and the diet is not normal due to intense diet or three meals, which will cause your body to lose your regularity.
  X4, favorite snacks, desserts, fried foods.
  X5, pay attention to fast, rub your face casually.
  X6. Use the nose patch as a holy product for acne removal, and use it daily.
  X7, work pressure or often stay up late.
  X8. Sometimes I sleep without removing my makeup.
  Pore Care Q & A: Let’s try a quiz on pores together, change your deep-rooted misconceptions, and give each MM a solution for correct pore care!
  Q1: Only oily skin will have enlarged pores?
  A: Large pores can be simply divided into three main causes: oil pores-the most common around the nose after puberty, excess oil secretion, pores are easy to block or even form acne.
  Dry pores-around 20 years of age, the initial symptoms of pores are obvious. Dryness makes the texture of pores obvious. Pay attention to moisturizing.
  Aging pores-from 40 to 50 years of age As you age, collagen loses and skin loses elasticity and pores become loose.
  No matter what kind of pore symptoms, cleaning and moisturizing can achieve maintenance effects, and the skin is less likely to lose elasticity in the future, so that aging pores are not easy to grow.
Q2: In order to avoid clogging of pores, it is better not to rub sunscreen?
OA: Ultraviolet light will weaken the elasticity of the skin tissue that has been enlarged around the pores, reducing skin resistance. You can choose a sunscreen with a refreshing texture and a low coefficient. It is recommended to use SPF 15 ~ 30, and apply it once every 2 to 3 hours.Remember to wash thoroughly afterwards.
  Q3: The pores must be squeezed out so that the acne does not become larger?
  OA: Improper application of force will make the pores inflamed and swollen, and even enlarge the scope, leaving scars in severe cases. If you encounter acne, you can rub some fruit acid products to improve. After mixing the skin, remember to strengthen the moisturizing.
  Q4: Can the astringent lotion have small pores?
  OA: The astringent lotion usually contains alcohol, which can temporarily reduce the oily condition of the skin, but it has no effect on the pores. For pore problems, it is better to use fruit acid-containing emulsion products.
  Q5: What ingredients can reduce pores?
  OA: a topical derivative of vitamin A acid or xxx flower acid, fruit acid, etc.
  Q6: One more thing I summarized, how to quickly restore the large pores?
OA: A beauty teacher told me that large pores are particularly easy to absorb dust in the air, especially when going out, there is a lot of dust, the dust blocks the pores, and it is easy to make the face yellow, dark, and people with oily skin will develop acne!Therefore, wipe your non-allergic barrier cream and liquid foundation daily before going out!
Pay special attention when washing your face at home!
Wash your face with a facial cleanser, be sure to wash it thoroughly!
Then apply toner, rub fragrance, eye cream!
If you have time, apply a mask after washing your face. Washing film is best!