The origin of TCM immunity thinking

The origin of TCM “immunity” thinking

In the medical history of our country, there has been an early “immune” thinking, which is the treatment method of “toxin attack”.
China’s most ancient medical work “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” mentioned that the use of “poison” in the treatment of diseases, the drug can not cure the disease without “toxic”.
However, it is interesting to note that the earliest pioneer of this immunization thought, and the earliest pioneer in immunology research, was the Taoist migration Ge Hong who was fascinated by alchemy.
銆€銆€Ge Hong, the word nursery, not the same as Pu Zi.
Since he was a child, he liked to read medical books and alchemy books. When he grew up, he was eager to study alchemy while he was keen on alchemy. He became a famous medical scientist in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The people have serious illnesses and often seek him to heal.
銆€銆€One day, a 40-year-old farmer rushed to Ge Hong’s house and said to him anxiously: 鈥淢y only son was bitten by a mad dog. Please give me a way to save him.
Ge Hong listened to this and was very anxious.
Because he knows that if a person is bitten by a mad dog, it will be very painful and unacceptable. Even if it is a little light, if you hear a little sound, it can cause convulsions, irritability, especially water.
When you hear the water, talk about the water, and see the water, you will immediately swallow your throat.
It can die quickly within a few hours of onset.
Ge Hong searched for a variety of prescriptions in his mind, but unfortunately no prescription could cure the disease.
Suddenly, he had the idea: Did the ancients advocate the treatment of “drug-to-drug” treatments, why can’t the poison of mad dogs be used to cure this disease?
When he thought of this, he said to the old farmer: “There is no other good way.
However, I want to use the brains of mad dogs on your son’s wounds, perhaps to get him out of danger.
After the old farmer returned home, he acted as usual.
I never thought about it, it really worked, and the patient did not get sick.
Since then, Ge Hong has used this method to treat many people who have been bitten by mad dogs. The effect is quite good.
銆€銆€Modern medical science has proved that after a human is bitten by a rabid dog, the rabies virus is immersed in the human body through the wound.
Because of its special affinity with nerve tissue, it causes the onset of rabies.
There are a large number of rabies viruses in the brain and saliva of rabies.
The famous French biologist Pasteur isolated the rabies virus from the brain tissue of rabies and cultured it to make a viral vaccine to prevent and treat rabies virus.
Obviously, the principle used by Pasteur is basically similar to that used by Ge Hong, but it is more scientific than Ge Hong, but in terms of time, Pasteur’s invention was later than Ge Hong for more than 1,000 years.