Health and longevity eight taboos, you know?


Health and longevity eight taboos, you know?

In China, people gradually have an understanding of health care, health foods have begun to pay attention, and the way of life health should also pay attention to it.

銆€銆€First, I am old.

銆€銆€Many people think that health is a matter for the elderly, and there is no need to support them when they are young.

In fact, health care should be taken from the doll, and it is speculated that the machine should be maintained from a new age.

Once the parts are damaged, the health is too late and the effect will be greatly reduced.

銆€銆€Second, the disease is cured.

銆€銆€Many people do not check their bodies, and they only see a doctor if they are ill.

In fact, health should be based on prevention, usually should be regularly checked, regular maintenance.

銆€銆€Third, eat only when you are hungry.

銆€銆€Many people do not eat breakfast or eat on time, on the grounds that they are not hungry.

Physiology tells us that food passes 4 in the stomach?
After 5 hours, all were emptied.

When the drought is felt, the gastric juice has begun to “digest” the gastric mucosa, and the normal diet and balanced nutrition are the essential material basis for health care.

銆€銆€Fourth, thirsty before drinking.

銆€銆€It is a habit of many people to drink water without drinking water.

In fact, the role of water in human metabolism is more important than food.

Feeling thirsty indicates that the body is dehydrated to a certain extent.

Clinically, people who do not drink water often suffer from constipation, and the chance of urinary stones is significantly higher than those who have drinking habits.

銆€銆€Five, anxious to row.

銆€銆€Many people do not have the habit of regular bowel movements, and even have no idea, preferring to squat, which is extremely detrimental to health.

The toilet stays in the body for too long, which may cause constipation or overfilling of the bladder. The toxic substances in the feces and urine are absorbed by the body, causing 鈥渟elf-poisoning鈥?

銆€銆€Six, sleepy before going to sleep.

銆€銆€About one-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep, and sleep is an important physiological process in metabolic activities.

Only by developing good sleep habits and ensuring more than 7 hours of sleep per day can the normal operation of the circadian clock be maintained.

But some people do not go to bed on time, or even unrestrained, not sleepy, and even sleepy.

This is not conducive to protecting the brain, and it is more likely to cause insomnia. In the long run, it will damage life.

銆€銆€Seven, tired before taking a break.

銆€銆€It is the habit of many people to be tired after a break.

In fact, tired is a feeling of fatigue, and it is too late to rest.

Should develop a habit of not tired and rest, do not over-distribute physical strength, brain power.

銆€銆€Eight, fat is reduced.

銆€銆€Excessive consumption, overnutrition, and lack of exercise are the leading causes of over-exposure, and these are preventable.

Nowadays, many people do not add to the temperance and eat big, big fat people can be seen everywhere, a fat is easy to get sick.

Moreover, there is currently no ideal weight loss shake.

Therefore, weight loss is not as good as anti-fat, do not get fat and then reduce, stupid things about their own neck.