JD.com upgrades the Residence Plan to 10 billion and has provided 8 billion loans to employees

JD.com upgrades the “Residence Plan” to 10 billion and has provided 8 billion loans to employees
On April 10, Jingdong Group announced that it will significantly increase the special fund for the “Residence Plan” to US $ 1 billion to help its employees buy properties.  In 2012, JD.com launched the “Residence Program” welfare project, which provides qualified employees with up to 1 million unsecured, unsecured, and unprompted house purchase fees, which are used to pay the first payment for the first home of the employee family that can support the area.In 2017, the “Residence Plan” was upgraded, and the available housing area for employees working in Beijing was expanded to Beijing, Tianjin, Sanhe, Hebei Langfang, Gaobeidian, Hebei and Zhuozhou, Hebei.Up to now, the loan amount provided by the plan has accumulated more than nearly 800 million US dollars, helping nearly 1,500 employees achieve the goal of living in peace and contentment.  JD.com said that the company also provides free dormitories for first-line logistics and customer service employees.20,000 rooms, saving nearly 2 rental costs for the accommodation staff.3 trillion US dollars, the cumulative amount of annual housing subsidies totaled more than 1 trillion US dollars.At present, Jingdong provides more than 2,000 dormitories for headquarters employees within five kilometers of the headquarters, saving nearly 50 million rents for the accommodation staff annually.Reporter Lu Yifu edited Sun Yong proofreading He Yan