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Keep in mind the “six-character formula” to avoid light and oil

Although skin disease is not fatal, it can also make people “dead.

Today is the third “National Skin Care Day” and this year’s theme is “Health starts with skin.”
Chen Yongfeng, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Dermatological Diseases Prevention and Treatment Center, pointed out that the skin disease is not a small problem. A survey by the World Health Organization shows that 80% to 90% of people have skin disease, and only 10% to 20% of people have a healthy skin.
Summer is a season of high incidence of dermatosis in Guangdong, and oily skin is at high risk.
Experts suggest that if you want to keep your skin safe for the summer, you should keep in mind the six-character formula-“avoid light, control oil, and moisturize.”
.hzh {display: none; }  夏季皮肤缺水会变得更油  广东地区比较潮湿,加上气候炎热,夏天得皮肤病的人非常多。The incidence of skin diseases in Guangdong has more than doubled in summer compared to winter. Since April this year, the number of patients with eczema, fungal infections, and acne has begun to soar. In hot weather, people sweat more and sebaceous glands secrete.
Some people are more sensitive to light, and their faces turn red and black when they are exposed to light. Others have more melasma and freckles.
Sweating more and more oil can also increase dandruff and hair loss.
  Human skin is divided into normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin.
For oily skin, hot flashes and oil in summer can easily cause fungal growth and reproduction.
The high-risk season for sensitive skin, although spring has passed, but summer also faces the risk of eczema and allergies.
Dry skin should mainly prevent white pityriasis and sunburn after sun exposure.
  In general, no matter what kind of skin, if you want to maintain a healthy state in summer, you must “save light, control oil, and moisturize.”
Apply sunscreen half an hour before outdoor activities and reapply every one or two hours.
Some people suspect that applying skin cream makes the skin “greasy”. It is not right to apply a layer of sunscreen in the summer, because skin dehydration can lead to compensatory secretion of sebaceous glands and make the skin oilier.
Therefore, oily skin must first control oil, and then pay attention to moisturizing.
People with dry skin can apply a moisturizing cream, and pay attention to replenishing moisture in a timely manner throughout the day.
  In terms of sun protection, vitamin C can prevent skin damage after sun exposure and promote skin metabolism. Therefore, vitamin C intake should be appropriately increased.
The problem is that vitamin C increases light sensitivity.
Chen Yongfeng suggests that people who are allergic to light supplement vitamin C at night. Try to use oranges as a fruit after meals, but don’t eat too much, and you should take adequate sun protection during the day.
  One question: What should I do with hand eczema?
  Secret: Use plastic wrap to wrap your hands after the night. Case: A small white bubble on your hand is eczema. It will produce water when squeezed out, but it will not itch when squeezed out.
I will get better when I apply the medicine. As soon as I stop the medicine, I will relapse. What should I do?
  Answer: This weather is most prone to eczema, especially on the hands.
Eczema is characterized by blisters and itching.
Patients with eczema must be patient.
Treatment is more complicated. In addition to oral medication, targeted topical ointments must be rubbed.
For eczema on your hands, use a strong hormone ointment. After rubbing at night, wrap it in plastic wrap to allow the skin to fully absorb, and remove it the next morning.
In addition, after washing your hands, dry your hands without touching the detergent.
Wear gloves when washing dishes, and disposable gloves when bathing as much as possible, or your condition will worsen.
  Second question: How to deal with red pain and peeling after sun exposure?
  Tip: Rinse in cold water and apply a moisturizing mask. Case: Forgot to apply sunscreen when playing at the beach, the skin became red, and there was pain in the bath. Peeling began the next day.
Are there any sequelae?
  Answer: After sun exposure in the summer, it can lead to solar dermatitis, manifested as erythema and edema.
After a sunburn, do not take a hot bath or apply ice.
It is best to rinse the redness with cold water or cold water in the refrigerator.For minor sunburns, apply moisturizing mask or cream to the skin.

If the sunburn is severe, do not use a creamy moisturizer instead.

  After sunburn, it will cause peeling and skin pigmentation. Generally, it will be fine after two months.

When traveling in summer, I usually apply sunscreen and sunscreen. I usually apply it half an hour in advance, and every 2 hours?
Rub it again in 3 hours.

  Three questions: how to treat skin diseases in pregnant women?

  Secret: Absolute Residual Acid or Retinoic Acid Case: My wife is 2 months pregnant now, and psoriasis is inserted in the back of her head.

Can you apply some ointments for skin diseases yourself?

Will it affect BB?

Can psoriasis be cured?

  Answer: Psoriasis is not caused by an explosion, the cause is not clear, and it is easy to relapse.

Many electric poles are now advertised with a small cure for “psoriasis cure”, but curative treatment is currently impossible. The significance of treatment is to control psoriasis to a lesser degree.

  Pregnant women are in special circumstances, and they should go to the hospital to prescribe a special lotion. Do not go to the doctor and use ointments in order to avoid affecting the fetus.

It should be reminded that pregnant women are prone to skin diseases such as eczema and dermatitis due to endocrine changes. If they are treated with more irritating salves, it is not good for pregnancy, especially in the 3 months before pregnancy, many antipruritic drugs should not be taken.
After 3 months of pregnancy, although the adverse effects of certain hormonal external medications are relatively weak, some pros and cons should be re-administered under the guidance of a dermatologist.

Particularly outstanding is that pregnant women should be absolutely supplemented with retinoic acid or retinoic acid.

  Question 4: What to do if the ass is old and itchy and peels?

  Tip: Antihypertensive treatment + underpants disinfection Case: Recently, my buttocks and interfemoral itch were itchy. When I saw it for myself, I grew a small puppet, and it would flake.

Is it because of sitting too long?

  Answer: From the symptoms, it should be jock itch.

Flour grows fast in a high, air-impermeable environment, and the underpants are not susceptible to disease.

Modern people sit especially in the office. Drivers sit for a long time. They don’t pay attention to keeping their bottoms. The chest environment is dry and it is easy to get jock itch.

  Jock itch is contagious. If anyone has jock itch at home, it is best to wash your underwear separately and keep it open. Do not share towels or tubs. It is best to take a shower.

  The treatment is actually very simple, you can go to the hospital for a diagnosis of femoral surgical diabetes detection.

There are many lotions and ointments for topical treatment of jock itch, which are very cheap. Wipe the lotion twice after using the medicine. The symptomatic treatment is two weeks, and it usually takes 20?
30 yuan can be cured.

  Five questions: Do you want to squeeze acne?

  Tip: Squeeze the “head” acne first to eliminate the poisonous case: My acne will gradually expand if it is not squeezed. If I expand the white thing, the next day will be fine.

Can acne be squeezed?

Will it be inflamed?

  Answer: In the summer, because of the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, it is easy to develop “acne”. The most common are whiteheads, blackheads, and closed headless acne.

  Whether acne is crowded depends on whether there is a “head”.

Acne without a “head”, that is, closed acne, should not be squeezed hard.

Acne with “heads” can be squeezed out, but not with your hands.

Many beauty programs now recommend using acne needles to squeeze acne by yourself.

However, it is easy to increase the risk of infection due to inadequate disinfection.

The squeezing process may also cause inflammation and leave scars. Therefore, people with severe “acne faces” can go to the dermatology to pick up acne. Doctors have special methods.

If you squeeze at home, you must sterilize the local skin before picking out acne, so that there are no sequelae.

  Sixth question: How to keep the “blackhead pox” not long on the back?

  Tip: Dry your back immediately after sweating. Case: I am in my 30s and stepped on in the summer. My back has a lot of black spots. It does not hurt, it is dense, and very unsightly. What should I do?
  Answer: There are small black spots on the back. Please observe carefully: if it is red when it first grows, the pigmentation that turns to black in the future may be pityriasis folliculitis.

If there is no other change, just a hard black spot, it may be keratosis.
  The most common in summer is pityriasis folliculitis, which is a fungal infection.

Some people sweat more, have strong secretions of oil, and suffer from poor ventilation. They are common to both men and women. They are more common on the chest and back, and those with oily skin are more likely to have symptoms.

  It is suggested that oil control work should be done well.

When you sweat, be sure to dry your back and wear more breathable clothes.

If the above method is not effective, you should go to the dermatologist for treatment, and use antifungal topical drugs and other treatments. Self-administration is not recommended.