Nine life habits that keep you wrinkled

Nine life habits that keep you wrinkled

Before going to bed every night, you might say to yourself: “Tomorrow is another beautiful day.

“So, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even 10 years later?

Do you still want to be a beauty?

It’s all up to your daily beauty care habits.

  1. You can’t frown when you encounter anything, frowning, it is easy to have wrinkles.

Smile, it’s less than ten years.

  2. All-night Internet access All night long is a taboo for women, Internet access is more temporary, the radiation of the computer has a lot of damage to our skin, it is easy to get old.

So think about yourself for the future, go to bed early!

  3, often basking in the sun, but many MMs like to bask, especially in winter.

But you can’t ignore the sun protection measures because it is winter, sunscreen must still be applied.

  4, smoking and drinking a small wine tasting is possible, but drinking too much is bad for the body, drinking will reduce skin moisture, and smoking will not harm the body and premature aging.

  5. Do n’t touch fruits and vegetables, like spicy food, barbecue, KFC, MC, but have you ever thought that these irritating foods are very harmful to the skin.

Therefore, if you want to be beautiful, you should eat less irritating foods and eat fruits and vegetables instead of picky eaters.

  6, do not eat junk food The latest research found that those who replace processed carbohydrates with whole grain foods and high protein foods are less likely to develop acne.

The reason is: “Foods with a high glycemic index will cause blood sugar to rise, stimulate a large amount of insulin secretion, and will stimulate male hormones to secrete oil, making the skin prone to acne.

7. Exaggerated expressions Exaggerated expressions The length of wrinkles deepens, so be calm about everything!

  8, do not love sports exercise is not only good for the body, but also can make the skin healthy and balanced due to a lot of sweat, reducing the chance of aging!

  9, sloppy makeup remover Many JMS like to put on exquisite makeup for themselves and show their best side to others.

But don’t forget that behind the exquisite makeup, the makeup is carefully and carefully removed.

It is not enough to use face wash and cleansing oil, but also to do deep cleansing regularly!