Eliminate Back Fatigue Cat Yoga

Eliminate Back Fatigue Cat Yoga

1. Kneel on the ground, with both knees open the same width as the length, the calf and the instep of the foot close to the ground, with the feet facing the sky.

Lean forward, straighten your lower back, and notice that your thighs are at right angles to your calf and torso, so that your torso is parallel to the ground.

Press your hands on the ground and place them in the middle position above the shoulders. The arms should be vertical, at right angles to the ground, and at the same time longer than the shoulders.

Fingertips point forward.

  2. Inhale and slowly raise the pelvis at the same time, the waist slightly bends down to form an arc.

Look forward, lower your shoulders and necks, and keep the cervical spine in line with the spine. Don’t raise your head too much.

  3. Exhale, and slowly arch it upwards at the same time, driving your face downwards, looking at the thighs, until you feel the stepping feel inclined.

With breathing, repeat the above 6 to 10 times.

  Movement changes: After completing step 3, straighten your lower back again, at the same time, lift your right foot back pedal until it is level with the adjacent one, with your feet straight, and your left hand extended forward.

Raise your head, look forward, and face down.

Keep your straight hands and feet parallel to the ground.

  Deflection ※ Fully reduce hip and shoulder joints, improve blood circulation, eliminate soreness and fatigue.

  ※ The spine is properly contracted to increase its length.


  ※ Do not move too fast, and do not sway back and forth or arch your waist.

  ※ Don’t improve too gradually