Youth 2 officially announced 109 trainees, Cai Xukun announced the assessment standards

“Youth 2” officially announced 109 trainees, Cai Xukun announced the assessment standards
On January 15th, iQIYI “Youth has You 2” officially announced the list of trainees, and 109 dreaming girls entered the vision of the youth producer together.It is reported that the trainees will move towards the final debut position through a four-month training and stage competition.In order to help 109 trainees to improve their professional abilities, “Youth 2” will invite Cai Xukun, LISA, Chen Jiahua Ella, JONY J, and the mysterious “X tutor” to join, as the youth producer representative of the senior Cai Xukun will also be on the showZhongzhong and trainees share their own journey.The show is expected to be broadcast in the first quarter.In this open list of trainees, there are both popular players who have made a comeback after their debut, and there are also many new talents.Among them, Kong Xueer, who claims to be “returning meat”, has 8 years of trainee experience, and believes that every setback will become a wealth. She is admired by the courageous talents who have restarted;This time, the strongest group of people gathered together, they can prove their strength is expected to come out of the comfort zone; as a personal trainer mushroom head girl Wang Xinyu, her cover of “Wish Post It” became a hot song on the short video platformThe creative strength is not to be underestimated; the trainee Chen Xinwei, who has attracted much attention because of her high face value, has attracted countless attention only when she appeared in the airport; therefore, there are some strange quadruplet combinations “Peas Dudu” among the trainees.With their natural tacit understanding, they also become a unique scenery in the show.With the official announcement of 109 trainees, the assessment standard of the permanent mentor group for the new season program has also become a hot topic among netizens.Cai Xukun, a representative of the youth producer, said: “Here I am the professional first, but I will feel from their perspective. Real love cannot deceive people.”It is also believed that the professional first is music instructor Ella Chen Jiahua. In her view, the girl group needs professional qualities and looks forward to witnessing a different group.As a member of an active-duty combination who debuted for three years, LISA is more optimistic about trainees with distinct personalities who can express different views. JONY J also expressed the hope that trainees will see more possibilities.Trainee list.The official photo sauna, edited by Liu Wei at night net, Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo