During the Spring Festival, 70% of the audience love to watch the Sugar Opera

During the Spring Festival, 70% of the audience love to watch the “Sugar Opera”
This year, most people choose to “home” for the New Year, and watching drama has become the first choice for spending time at home.Among them, although romantic dramas such as “Under the Jinyi” and “The Next Stop is Happiness” are set in person, the plot itself is unique, but it brings a high degree of sweetness “fancy sugar” attracting many young audiences.  Throughout the film and television market in the past two years, the main drama has returned violently and the dog blood drama has been operating bleakly.There is a place in the market.Why is it easy to become an “explosion” just by “kissing and holding high”?Which audience can’t live without the “dog food” of sugar dramas?Therefore, Sauna.com randomly surveyed 207 spectators and interviewed many foreigners for answers.  Nearly seven adults watched the “Sugar Play”. To explore the reason why the “Sugar Play” was sought after, Sauna.com randomly surveyed 207 viewers.According to the survey data, nearly seven adults love to watch this kind of drama, of which 46.86% of people like to watch “Sugar Opera” very much, and only 30% do not watch it at all.Among the audience watching the drama, young people aged 18-30 occupy half of the country, and most audiences who prefer regular drama are middle-aged people aged 31-40.  As for the reasons for love to watch the sugar-scattered script, the audience’s answers are also different.Half of the audience thought it was “life is too difficult, you need to relax” or “don’t use your brain to eat dog food”; and 38.9% of people use “high sugar” to satisfy their girls’ hearts.At the same time, nearly 7% of them admitted that “other dramas are more boring.”  Although nearly 70% of the audience chose the “Sugar Play”, not everyone believes in the beautiful love in the play.Only 27.8% of people think that “love should be like this in the play”, and the majority of viewers who still face the “realistic skinny” rationally after watching the play.In essence, only 37 were faced with the “sugar play” that followed one another in the market.7% of viewers think “the more the better,” most of the viewers choose to talk about whether the content is good or not, and 26% of the people think that “it’s too much to be too tired”.  The production cost is not high, the script is good and the replacement of “Next Stop is Happiness” is opened. In 2020, there are many suspected “sugar dramas” to be broadcast, including Wu Qian, Zhang Xincheng, “Crystal Sugar Stewed Pear”, Hu YitianHu Bingqing’s “Secret Love of Oranges in Huainan”, Yan Chengxu, Shen Yue’s “Swap!””Luck”, Ruan Jingtian, Song Zuer’s “Heartbeat on the Tip of Tongue”, etc.  For the “scattered sugar script”, there is no need to burn brain plots, high-energy special effects, or even people who only show a set of routines desperately “spread sugar” can be replaced by harvesting a young audience, and people from all walks of life have to make a difference.s reason.The producer of “I Only Like You” Wang Yan said frankly that everyone is facing different pressures in life now, and it is inevitable that when watching the drama, he hopes to relax and heal, “It is now popular to say” Aunt smiles “.I think that whether it is attracted by the male and female protagonists, or invested in the plot, this spontaneous content that makes the mood happy and laughs at a glance, the audience is not resistant.”The screenwriter Li Hua (a pseudonym) who once participated in the sugar scatter script copied it, and the genre is not outstanding in the script creation.” Without too new sugar, sweetness is enough, and then it matches people who fit the concept of the current young people.And story situations.”In the field of production,” scattering sugar script “is a potential alternative to investment.Li Hua admitted that some “sweet favorite dramas”, especially webcasts, have low investment in production cost, cycle time, and actor pay. “Most audiences who like sugar dramas go to the plot. The actors postThe audience’s imagination of sweet pets can be.”The content needs to be grounded. Excessive suspension is not recognized, but can the” Sugar Play “really be able to continue to shoot one and burst one?In terms of past achievements, the success rate of “Sugar Play” is relatively high, but there are also many works on the street.For example, in Yu Hao, Miao Miao’s “The Parabola of Youth” has no “rating” until the end; the other “Crocodile and Toothpick Bird” by Chen Bailin and Zhang Tianai is only 4.5 points.”Everyone still likes to look at the more authentic and grounded content.”Wang Yan said frankly,” even the sugar-scattered scripts also pursue a true sense of substitution, as if these people lived by their side.Instead of blindly pursuing is very exaggerated, far away from life.”Li Hua also said that in recent years, realism has been promoted, and even the” sugar play “is a certain degree higher than life, and you need to take care of reality.The story is written as a fairy tale, ideal, unrealistic, then embarked on the old road of idol drama.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhanghe