Bei Xiaoqi is happy to eat ice cream, how to choose snacks for children

Bei Xiaoqi is happy to eat ice cream, how to choose snacks for children

According to media reports, Beckham has recently appeared in a resort hotel, as a “full-time grandfather” personally feeding his daughter Xiaoqi to eat ice cream, the picture is warm.

But looking at the big glass of ice cream in Beckham’s hand, Xiao Bian couldn’t help but shout “STOP”. Is it really good to give the child so much ice cream?

  Ice cream hurts the stomach. Children should eat less. After the summer, the footsteps are prolonged, and the weather is gradually warming up. The ice cream that has the best effect on relieving heat has started to appear on the children’s snack list.

But ice cream is a very unhealthy snack, and parents should try to give their children as little as possible.

  For older children, of course, gastrointestinal function is not very sound, too much ice cream can easily cause diseases in the body and can also hurt teeth.

The temperature of ice cream is very low. After the baby eats ice cream, the gastric mucosa is susceptible to overcooling stimulation, which causes strong contraction of blood vessels, which causes the baby’s gastric secretion to be disturbed.

Such as gastric acid, gastric enzymes and other secretions decreased sharply, digestion, sterilization and immunity of the stomach will be greatly reduced.

In addition, the baby’s gastric mucosa is very delicate, which can easily cause “cold food gastritis”, and the baby will have abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, and indigestion.

There is another situation parents should pay special attention to, if the baby is not qualified to eat ice cream, can also cause bacterial diseases.

Baby eating ice cream too much will affect children’s tooth development, especially in the period of changing teeth.

Therefore, parents must control the amount of ice cream their children eat.

  Nutrition expert: Choose snacks for children. Pay attention to the kind of snacks. Children should like snacks, so how should parents choose healthy snacks for their children?

The well-known nutrition department director divides the existing snacks in the middle into 3 levels, which are “can be eaten often”, “appropriate to eat” and “restricted eating”. Parents can refer to this to buy snacks for their children.

  1, regular snacks (first-class snacks) These snacks are generally low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar, healthy snacks, you can eat every day, as long as you choose the right time.

  Poached eggs, sugar-free or low-sugar oatmeal, boiled corn, whole wheat bread, soy milk, pure fresh milk, plain yogurt, big almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, cooked sweet potatoes, potatoes, unsweetened freshly squeezed vegetable juices and all kindsfruit.

  Well-known nutrition experts point out that healthy snacks are often “unscent” because of low salt, low sugar, and low fat, so they may not be children’s favorite.

However, taste and dietary interests can be cultivated.

As a parent, since the child was young, he has consciously selected healthy snacks for the child, which helps the child to form a healthy diet with low salt, low sugar and low fat.

  2. Appropriate snacks (secondary snacks) Various snacks contain a small amount of medium, salt or sugar. It is recommended to eat 1-2 times a week.

  Dark chocolate, sauced duck wings, preserved meat, stewed eggs, cakes, stewed tofu, seaweed slices, raisins, cheese, milk slices, salted cashew nuts, dried sweet potatoes, fruit (vegetable) drinks with more than 30% fruit juice, etc.

  3. Restricted snacks (third-order snacks) Various snacks contain higher sugar, salt or a small amount, and may contain some additives or unhealthy ingredients, and can not be eaten more than once a week.

  Chicken nuggets, puffed food (crisps, shrimp sticks, etc.), chocolate pie, cream sandwich biscuits, instant noodles, cream cake, cola, ice cream, marshmallow, toffee, candied fruit.

  The old Chinese medicine health network warmly reminds parents that it is advisable to eat snacks between meals. For children, they can eat at 9 am, 3 pm and 1 hour before going to bed at night (wash mouth after eating).
In addition, try to avoid eating sweets before going to bed to avoid causing dental caries.