Nha Trang: Lying on the beach, sunbathing

Nha Trang: Lying on the beach, sunbathing

The resort city is like a couple of people in Europe who will conduct a series of tours in major cities in Vietnam. However, it is said that some friends who have come to Nha Trang will “can’t walk” and immediately slow down the speed of travel because of the turbidity.The city with a thick concentration of fake tastes really makes people want to stay.

  Even the locals joked that the sun, the beach, the blue waters and the gentle breeze are the “specialties” of Nha Trang. The climate here is mild throughout the year, with an average temperature of 20 ° C, plus a gentle sea breeze blowing, let Nha TrangBecome a moral of rest.

Among them, the beach in Nha Trang is a public amusement park for locals and tourists. This white and silvery beach is crescent-shaped, 7 kilometers long. The clear water surrounds the streamlined beach, and the palm trees are separated from the coconut trees.The coast stretches all the way, showing a beautiful scenery of Vietnam.

There are too many pavilions on the beach for the rest of the tourists. When the sun is shining, they lie on the beach and soak up the sun. The whole body is warm.

There are also some restaurants and cold drinks shops on the beach, where you can taste the seafood that the fishermen have just fished from the sea. The Nha Trang people know how to cook seafood, even boiled in boiled water, sour lemon juice, delicious seafood.Just hitting the tip of your tongue will definitely make you eat too much.

  In fact, sometimes seeing Nha Trang will have the illusion of being like a European city. The beach is a spacious Chen Fu Avenue. There are rows of tall coconut trees on both sides of the road. The neat casuarina and olive trees are on both sides.Excessive European-style villas, shopping malls and luxury hotels, after the night falls, all kinds of buildings are shining brightly, so that the night of Nha Trang is not lonely.

  Street Wonderful Oil Stations line up For tourists, the best way to get around is to ride a motorbike around the city like a local.

However, if you don’t know how to drive a motorcycle, you don’t want to stroll around the streets of Nha Trang. At this time, you will find a very strange phenomenon. When you take a few steps, you will see a large seven-up bottle on the roadside fixed by a few ropes on the side of the road.Placed on a shelf with green liquid inside.

Too many people couldn’t guess what they were at first, but later they knew that they were all loaded with gasoline.

Because the main motive of the Vietnamese is the motorcycle, although in the streets of Nha Trang during the day, unlike the Saigon, there are motorcycles screaming in the crowd, but most of the cities still have a lot of motorcycles.Coupled with the Nha Trang, the large gas station is far away, so “roadside gasoline” has brought a lot of convenience to motorcyclists.

But the strange thing is that there are no sellers next to these petrol, so many people haven’t figured out whether this gasoline is free until they leave Nha Trang.

Maybe there is a free lunch under the sun?

  If you want to say the most inviting tourism project in Nha Trang, you must be the first to jump into the island – the local “four island tour”.

This is a travel project between the world’s best friends in the world, and every visitor to Nha Trang will not miss it.

There are too many small islands scattered around Nha Trang. Some small islands are restored to the simple and natural style of the village. Some are uninhabited islands. The same is true that the natural environment of these islands is very good, so on these islands.Walking is a very pleasant experience.

  The Nha Trang people selected four islands from the surrounding islands, namely Hon Mieu, Hon Mun, Hon Yen and Hon Tre, in one day.Take tourists around the four islands.

The first visitor is Miyajima. There is a pirate ship aquarium. It looks like a real pirate ship. It can feed turtles here and watch the colorful tropical fish such as grouper, jellyfish and silver arowana.

Then go to the second island, which is an island dedicated to diving and snorkeling. Because the island is a coral reef and there is no coast, the boat can only be docked on the coast. People cannot go up because of environmental protection.Very good, the coral around the island is beautiful.

However, these beautiful scenery require diving or snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and if you want to dive, you must rent the equipment provided on the island and directly launch the water from the boat.

However, if you have time, it is strongly recommended to find a day to go to Mudao to learn to dive. The diving study fee here is the cheapest in the world.

  The third destination of the island is Yandao. Yandao is a natural bathing place. The sea is very blue and clear. The island is surrounded by yellow-white beaches. Those who love swimming must be in this pollution-free sunshine.Swim.

The luncheon will be accepted on the boat off Yandao. There will be sailors and tour guides on the boat. When the rise is over, visitors will dance with the sailors.

There is also a finale program, the “water bar”, where the sailors will jump into the water with a small bar filled with wine, and then everyone will be around him and enjoy the sea wine.

  After a happy lunch, head to the island of Zhudao, the last stop of the Four Island Tour. It is actually a small resort with a “Changtai Hot Spring Water Tourist Area” where you can enjoy a special body hot spring mud bath to eliminateThe fatigue of the journey.

My friends feel the slowness of the seaside and the climate of the Nha Trang is very good. The gentle sea breeze is blowing, and the feeling of leisure is relaxed.

I feel that Nha Trang looks a bit like Sanya. It has blue sky, white clouds and sea beaches. However, Nha Trang is not as lively as Sanya today. It is full of tourists. So you can find the kind of “slow” holiday feeling in Nha Trang. It is very comfortable.
In Nha Trang, just walk along the beach, sit on the stone steps of the local church’s horizontal corridor, do nothing, just sit and watch the blue sky and white clouds, see the people around you, or simply closeWith your eyes closed, you can feel the quietness of Nha Trang. This is the best way to experience Nha Trang.

It is best to have a relatively long death rate in Nha Trang and live like a local, because this place is worth your time to enjoy.

  Gas station transportation: There are many flights from Guangzhou to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). It is recommended to take a car from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. It takes about 8 hours.

If the OPEN BUS during the daytime can watch the scenery along the way, the OPEN BUS at night can save even one night’s hotel expenses and arrive at Nha Trang in the morning.

  For example: hotel hotel in Nha Trang, a lot of homestays, if it is not the peak season, do not need to book in advance, go there and slowly look and determine, you can find your favorite place to live.

Generally, depending on the hotel, the price ranges from a few dollars to tens of dollars.

  Gourmet: Of course, don’t miss seafood in Nha Trang, but the price will be better than three.

The cheapest way is to buy seafood from the fishermen and then process it in the restaurant. It is recommended to try fresh sea urchin sashimi and sea urchin soup. The sea urchin soup is only 25 yuan. It is quite worthwhile to eat such a pollution-free sea urchin at this price.

  Diving: There are many restaurants in the Nha Trang Hotel and on the coast. The cold drinks shop can learn about diving courses. The diving and lunch are about $45 a day. If the research costs $260, it is calculated worldwide.The inside is the cheapest.